Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Blank White Page

Approaching a pivitol scene or chapter in a book is comparable to the artist facing the blank white canvas or piece of drawing paper.

As an artist, I feel most uncomfortable when I sit before that blank white piece of paper waiting for me to strike it with watercolors or graphite. It can be the most intimidating experience for an artist no matter how confident he or she is with their talent and skill. Once that paint hits the paper...that's it! No turning back.

I usually have the finished drawing or painting in my head...but to transfer it to the paper or canvas is quite another thing.

I find this to be true with writing.

I am in the middle of the pivitol chapter in the first book of The Warfare Club series. And I am most intimidated!!

I have the scene already completed in my head...but to transfer it to that blank white page on the computer screen is quite another thing!

I find that writing, like painting, takes confidence a bit of courage.

I did not feel comfortable calling myself an Artist for many years because I didn't feel I had earned it. After selling several paintings and being commissioned to paint several more, I came to realize that I am, indeed, an artist.

In the same light, I do not feel comfortable calling myself a Writer just yet even though I have a book published through OakTara Publishing and for sale on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, among other sellers.

I do not feel I have earned that title...yet.

So, I have to apply myself, find that confidence and courage, and carry on as I did when I first began painting. I know I will reach that threshold and cross is one day when I hear myself telling someone that I am, indeed, a writer.

Until then...I will have to face that blank white page again tonight. With courage and confidence!

Just Write!

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  1. Doubt can creep into any of our minds. It's easy to feel intimidated and question "how good" we are at whatever we do. You're right--just write! :)