Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Gifts to Bring

"The Little Drummer Boy" was always one of my favorite Christmas specials when I was a kid.

Although the scene never happened in scripture, the message of the song is applicable to us today.

Come, they told me....

Coming before Jesus sounds easy enough, but can be difficult sometimes. Our pride, ego, or hectic life can get in the way.

I have no gift to bring that's fit to give a King...

The humble words are about someone who wants to come before the King, but isn't sure what to bring. Jesus was born in humility. Of anyone born on this earth, He deserved to partake of all the earthly pleasures...yet He owned nothing but the clothes on His back. He was man who did not desire gold or silver...but all that we have to give of ourselves.

I played my best for Him....

Using our talents, our gifts, to worship Jesus is more than enough. God said in 1 Samuel 15 that He doesn't want sacrifices or offerings...but obedience. The song reflects someone coming before the King with all that they have...their talents. The very best we have is what He deserves.

Do we give all of our talents to the Lord? Do we do it in order to get something back or do we give our gifts because He is worthy of all adoration and praise?

Then, He smiled at and my drum.

That last line is the one that always gets me. I picture Jesus smiling at me when I use my talents and gifts to glorify Him. I try, and sometimes I fail, but I yearn to make Him smile. I pray this book, The Warfare Club, will someday bring Him glory.

"Blessed are the pure in heart...for they shall see God." Matthew 5:8

Talk to me: How do you use your talents and gifts to bring God glory? Do you yearn to make Him smile at you?


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  1. I sing in the worship band at church. It's such a fun gift to have, since I get to often see the effects of my ministry on others. Then again, it can be a difficult gift to have, because it's in front of people--and pride can often get in the way. I need to constantly remind myself that it is the Lord who gave me my talents, and He gave them so I would use them to bring HIM glory, not myself.